All about Auto Sergei

What is Auto Sergei?

Auto Sergei is an AI (artificial intelligence) version of Sergei the Meerkat from Compare the Meerkat (Compare the Market) and Auto Sergei seems to monitor if you could save money by switching Energy Suppliers/Banks/Broadband/TV and more. This means that you no longer have to search yourself each Day/Week/Month/Year depending on how often you want to switch and save as Auto Sergei will do it for you and Sergei will let you know you could save money by switching provider.

This is the future today!

Auto Sergei should be able to save everyone money on Insurance, TV, Phone, Broadband, Loans. Credit Cards and or many other services.

Find out more by watching this video:

As you can see Sergei is annoyed in the clip but then the audience cheer for him and he becomes the star of the show.

Click here to find out more about Auto Sergei and what he can do for you! is a fan site for Auto Sergei from Compare the Market TV Advert and is not an official website!